Stellenbosch Airshow 2019

My son Benjamin has a love for planes and helicopters. When I heard about the 2019 Stellenbosch Airshow, I booked my tickets online and told Benjamin of this little adventure. He could not stop talking about the airshow for months leading up to it. He would always ask when the show was, or what planes would be flying, would there be jet planes etc etc.

The excitement grew the week before the race and as we prepared for the long day at the airshow, I told him and his sister of the long day in the sun and the crowds. This didn’t even stop them, 5:00am wake up call for dad to get his butt into gear for the airshow. I honestly think we must have been the first people in the queue, which we stood in for an hour before we where let in.

I tell you something, Benjamin stood mesmerized by the planes till the last plane flew, from stunt planes to biplanes to a Mango passenger plane to helicopters. He watched everyone of them and did not move for the whole show. He talks about the show to all his friends and he even remembers some of the formations.

Sometimes we need to remember what it was like to be a kid and just enjoy things, not to have a complaint in mind and not to worry about our next what, just to savour the moment and enjoy life. On this day the Nattrass family did, this was definitely another #nattrassfamilyadventure

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