Fuji Xh1

Back in 2006 I started my journey as a “photographer”. My focus was weddings and I was in desperate need of a full frame setup, at that time Canon happened to fit the not so extensive budget, thus my journey as a Canon shooter began. I am not a technical guy and I am not here to write up on the technical aspects of camera’s and lenses so I will not bore you with that.

Canon was great, I loved it and I shot probably in excess of 100 weddings. Slowly, my focus as a wedding photographer dwindled and I began shooting more and more stock photography for iStock by Getty

As I started the expanding my stock photography whereby I went on adventures, hiking and traveling etc, I soon realized a few things:

  1. My Canon 5D Mark III could not do 4k video
  2. My bag was heavy and bulky
  3. I was struggling with the lack of focus points

I was then introduced to the Fuji XT2 when I loaned one from Orms in Cape Town to run 100km and capture some images along the way. I managed to carry the camera for roughly 50% of the race (I was seriously unfit) and I captured some amazing pics. I then heard of the release of the XH1 with some amazing features that would have eliminated my concerns on the Canon. Off to Orms I went and thanks to Marcel and the team I managed to get myself a decent Fuji bag.

Recent shot from a wedding – Fuji Xh1, 16-55mm 2.8 @ 16mm, 1/500 f3,6

Yes there have been some struggles, shooting in the dark is a challenge, however, a challenge that one can adapt to and learn. I am loving the Fuji, especially the fact that the camera is constantly evolving and features being added as and when firmware updates are released. It is actually quite exciting loading a new firmware, it is close to the excitement of a new camera. Probably the most vauble aspects of switching to Fuji for me are as follows:

  1. I now have a 4k camera
  2. Lightweight and compact – I think around 650G
  3. Cost factor, roughly half the price of a full frame DSLR
  4. Love the new features
  5. In body timelapse intervalometer
  6. Really fast
  7. In body 3-axix stabilization – awesome for video

The list can go on, these however are my quick picks of the list of features. You are welcome to read more here on the Orms Website

Another plus for me is the Fuji crew here in Cape Town. What a great bunch of helpful people that want to make your photographic journey that much more pleasant.



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