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The start of 2019 saw myself and Ronel promise to ourselves and our kids that it would be the year of adventure. We have attempted to try and create adventures of everything we possibly can, providing our kids with an opportunity to learn and explore and also for the family to bond and grow. The year has seen a few mountain hut trips, camping weekends and general exploring.

March 2019 marked the biggest adventure of the year, a 2-week tour of the beautiful Drakensberg. The idea behind the trip was simple, create adventures out of everything and where possible, get some images for iStock by Getty images. We knew that the estimated 4000km trip around Lesotho would be challenging, however we had planned a few exciting stops along the way.

We started on a 3 day trip up to Mahai Camp site in the Royal Natal National park, along the way we spend a day in the Karoo National Park and also a day near Ghariep Dam. Both of these stops where amazing and we got to see parts of South Africa we have never seen. The main goal of the Mahai stop was to get our kids up the chain ladders, a 14km return hike to the source of the Tugela River. All I can say is that never stop believing in your kids, both Benjamin (7) and Emelie (4) made it to the top and we didn’t have to persuade them much, it was all about the excitement of the ladders and the adventure associated with it.

Picture of me and my family at the chain ladders

We then spent a night in one of the huts of the Mountain Club of South Africa, this hut is situated at the top of Mikes Pass and for any Mountain Club member, it is a must. Nestled below the mountains but high enough to have views of the majestic landscape, it is a well deserved getaway for anyone.

After this we headed to a friends camp site near Champagne Castle – Mountain Splendour

This is probably one of our favourite camp sites in South Africa, it is efficient, clean, well run and has just about anything that one would want for a family getaway. It is close to the well known Champagne Castle Hotel. Around the corner is Champagne Sports and the Drakensberg Sun Hotels if camping is not your thing. There are many hikes, biking trails and places to visit here.

Our last stop saw us heading south towards Underberg where we chose to stay in the Silverstreams Caravan park as there was a nasty cold front moving in, this gave us an opportunity to really relax and just enjoy the last of our days with our kids in the beauty of the Berg. A beautiful walk took us along the river by Bushmans Neck where we just spent hour next to the river enjoying life and drinking some great coffee – thanks to

All we can really say is, don’t be scared of traveling with your kids, make any trip an adventure, stop for a picnic and enjoy the scenery, we often spend our lives rushing from A to B so plan your next adventure and try and see what is in between, you might surprise yourself and your kids!

Selection if images and video online – iStock by Getty Images

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